Top Attractions to Enjoy in Myrtle Beach

A beach city and vacation resort on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach has numerous sites and activities that keep all visitors hooked. For a unique experience; a stay in the Myrtle Beach beach houses is a must. Apart from it, it has numerous other must-visit attractions.

A noteworthy attraction of the place is the Apache Pier in the East Coast. It is not only the longest pier on the east coast but also a budget-friendly and entertaining place for most tourists. With fish polls available on rent here, fishing is a popular activity here.

Children enjoy the visible views of the dolphins, jellyfishes, sting rays and numerous other marine animals. For the music buffs; a visit to the Freestyle Music Park is a must. A theme park; it is the ultimate place to enjoy with family and especially kids. The day finishes in a second here.

Wherever you go; you cannot escape the food lovers. One simply cannot leave the beach without a visit to the Nagato Japanese Steak House. The place distinguishes itself by cooking your food right in front of your eyes.

Apart from the visual delight; the taste of the food will linger long in your mouth. With just the tip discussed; you have the entire beach destination to explore in your vacation time.